Questioned Handwriting

Questioned writing examined, may be compared and concluded as being written by the same writer as the specimen of known writings

Questioned Signatures

A Questioned Signature may be compared and concluded as being by the same writer as a specimen of known signatures.

Questioned Documents

Modern forensic document examination laboratories will be equipped with apparatus specifically designed for forensic document examinations such.

Ink & Paper Analysis

The Video Spectral Comparator (VSC) is a comprehensive imaging device.

Latent Handwriting Indentations

Electrostatic Detection Apparatus (ESDA) is used to produce a visible image of latent indentations which may have been made in the paper surface, from writings on previous overlying page/s.

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Document Comparison

Forensic Document Services

Forensic Document Examiners is distinguished by the depth and scope of our forensic document and handwriting examination services. We have offices throughout Australia, and forensic teams that operate around the Asia Pacific region. So no matter where you are you'll have access to our experienced team of forensic experts.

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